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• Links House was founded in 1987 as a community project which sought to provide an alternative form of living for the older adult (over 60) a place where they would be aided and encouraged to live an independent and active life and not be bothered by the mundane problems of bills and rates, shopping and cooking - their daily needs, both domestic and in health care, are provided for. There is a doctor in attendance plus nurses in residence round the clock and an ambulance on call for any emergency. It is also a place to think about for an older parent or relative whom you do not want to leave on their own while you are away travelling or who needs a period of convalescence after an operation or illness. For them we provide temporary residence.

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Comments from Links' Residents

The time has come to tell the world how fortunate I am to live in Links House. Im pushing 85 and sound of mind and (usually) body and have been six and a half years in one of the bungalows, with my car parked next to it and my own furniture and pictures around me. We have music at mealtimes and excellent food in a lovely peaceful and friendly atmosphere, with lots of laughs. (Written by a resident who is now 92 years old and is still laughing!).

Ive just returned from a two month trip abroad. I walked out and shut the door knowing that everything would be looked after and ready for my return. Id rather live here at Links House than any other place in the world Ive ever been to.

We are very impressed by the residents and staff of Links community. Links is a very special place, not only because of its high standards, professional care and beautiful surroundings, but because of the deep humanity of every one of you who make up the community. You all show nothing but kindness and generosity to my mother and father. (from the daughter of a resident)

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